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Specializing in Organizing, Staging, and Redesign



When it comes to quality organizing, interior redesign, and home staging, less is more interiors in Richmond, VA is here to help you! In addition to my services, I offer useful tips and tricks that you can use in your home.  

"What a gift..."

As we move into tax season, and 2020 rolls on, now is a great time to get your legal paperwork and important documents together.  In addition to keeping our physical environments organized, knowing where to locate these important items when we need them, can help us maintain a sense of peace and calm.  So, take some time to gather, review, and update, if necessary, these pieces.  Have them in a central, convenient, and accessible location.  Know where they are.  Let someone else know where they can be found. 

Items to have together and up to date include:

Will                                                       Power of Attorney                                   Medical Power of Attorney

Insurance policies and documents                                                                     Tax information

Key(s) to lock box(es)                         Passports                                                 Car title/loan information

Pass codes for your online accounts                                                                  Birth certificates/marriage license

Deed/Title to the home/mortgage information                                                 Banking/Financial institution information     

"What a gift" to yourself, getting this taken care of and done.  And think about "what a gift" it will be for your family to be able to locate everything should it be necessary.